LandOrc converts land titles into Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) allowing for ease of tracking transactions and the process of using them as collateral. The name of LandOrc is derived from Oracles!

Oracles that power the LandOrc platform by bringing off-chain data on-chain. These oracles bring in data on land valuation, vicinity analysis, visuals onto the blockchain. Storing them on the IPFS (Inter Planetary File System) database and linking the same with the land title NFT via referral key.

Thus the tangible land and its title are now seamlessly connected to the metaverse via Oracles and NFTs.
This increased security, transparency, and access to lower cost of capital are expected to be a growth enabler for the USD 10 trillion per annum sized real estate industry.

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DApp stands for Decentralized Application. It’s merely a computer application that runs on a decentralized computing system. Distributed ledger technologies (DLT) such as Ethereum blockchain have popularised DApps. They are often referred to as smart contracts. “Smart contracts” is a term used to describe computer code that automatically executes all…

LandOrc is bridging the USD 500 billion lending gap for real estate developers by tapping into the growing Decentralised Finance. The dapp for the LandOrc platform allows landowners to convert land title to NFT, property developers to seek loans and digital asset owners to stake or lending against them. …


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