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Providing, security, transparency and enabling the growth of real estate industry thru lower cost of capital. Converting land titles into Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) allow for ease of tracking transactions and process of using them as a collateral. The LandOrc platform integrates data both on-chain and off-chain, including data linked to location, vicinity and visuals of the land via oracles integrated to the chain. Using the principles of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Digital Asset Owner can participate in the global real estate projects with active returns and security of land based collateral.

Question for Part 1- Project overview :

Question 1: Can you briefly introduce yourself as well as LandOrc ?

Navonil : My name is Navonil (Linovan is the opposite)

I have been in blockchain from 2017 and the tech industry from the dotcom period

😭 my age is showing but have been enjoying the tech space

LandOrc is is solving the USD 500 billion funding gap by tapping into USD 127 billion DeFi liquidity and by providing land collateral available within the USD 137 trillion non mortgaged land bank available globally. Using blockchain LandOrc connects players globally in a fast and transparent manner

Its a very different kind of project with big ambitions

Hope I have given everyone a taste of what we are focusing on

Question 2: What strengths does LandOrc have to compete with competitors?

Navonil : Thanks you for translation and your questions

We differentiated from other projects in 4 aspects

1>We offer lending with a real world collateral thus ensuring protection of capital

2>The lending rates are aggressive at upto 20% APR

3>We have a small base of tokens and the supply is linked to the demand on the platform

4>LandOrc has access to high interest markets in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe, we have existing projects with collateral

Believe this makes as very different from other DeFi projects

Also we are using NFT technology for the land titles that are used as collateral

While I know Vietnam has a comparatively low interest rate

There are many other markets have high base lending rates of 20%+

Bringing DeFi based lending will reduce their cost of capital

And give crypto investors good returns backed by collateral

Hence believe the projects is win-win for all

Hope I have explained the differences well

Question 3: Can you Tell the community about LandOrc Road Map? And Pointing Out Milestones In LandOrc Road Map?

Navonil : Yes we are working towards that

Our target is to able to get USD 2.5 bn of the real estate activity out of the total USD 500 bn real estate spends in high interest markets, this represents 0.5% and we targeting to achieve this within 4 years.

Our first step is to focus on Asia and Africa and we already have a line-up of projects in India and discussions in Australia, Sri Lanka, Sierra Leone and Angola.

In first 12 months we are targeting to lend atleast USD 50 million.

Extend that in Year 2 to USD 500mn by adding focus on Latin America

And Yr 3 to 1.5 bn by adding Eastern Europe and other markets

To reach Yr 4 to 2.5bn.

This will give the platform revenues of USD 145 million and a valuation of USD 1.1 bn based on 8x revenue multiples

Hope that gives you a sense of our roadmap and the milestones that we have set ourselves

We believe we are well on way towards the milestones

Look forward to all the support of your vibrant community to grow the business


Question for Part 2: Pre-selected questions from our community :

Question 1: Creating a token is easy. It is simple. But it takes professional intelligence to keep it valuable in the long term. So What is your plan to make you token valuable in the long run?

Navonil : Very good question

I think so ^^

Here are my thoughts

  1. LandOrc token — LORC is the only means for people to stake or lend on our platform
  2. There is a limited pre-minted tokens only 21 million, of which only 60% is made available for sale so the supply is limited.
  3. The incremental tokens are minted based on the NFTs coming into the platform so the supply is in sync with the demand on the platform.
  4. The LORC tokens are bought and sold during the conversion of LORC into fiat and vice versa. So there is a lot of activity with LORC on the exchanges
  5. The staking on the platform is expected to deliver returns of 15–20% per annum and just based on that APR and by using Dividend Discount Model LORC token should increase 3X
  6. this even before any speculative price increase.
  7. LORC tokens are available at private sale with a 20% discount so there is even further upside immediately

Based on the above 7 reasons I do see future value for LORC tokens


Question 2: Many projects start but get stuck along the way, could you tell me if you plan to stay active and offer projects and opportunities to the community in the long term?

Navonil : Thanks for the question

As you will see in our roadmap we are focusing on markets with high interest and are doing it on a progressive basis.

Our method of engagement includes setting up a SPV/Subsidiary in each of the markets to manage lending and collateral.

This staggered approach will allow us to maximize the projects in each of the markets ensuring a continuous flow.

Annual real estate activity across these high interest markets is USD 500 billion per annum on a recurring basis and we are targeting to get 0.5% in year 4.

So its a cautious estimate.

Since real estate is an on-going economic activity we see the need for funding continuing.

In our projections we have not built in the growth in property development market over time that will happen across all of these high growth, high interest markets

Given the strong fundamentals of the property industry we see long term growth opportunity for LandOrc

For investors in Vietnam it gives an opportunity to participate in the global real estate market

With high interest rates and security of collateral

Hope that answers


Question 3: Do your project support staking program? If yes. how is your stake system work, can you tell me what is the requirement for user if they want to stake in your platform?

Navonil : Yes we do support staking and all lending happens via staking

The staking process involves crypto investors identifying the projects available on the platform and staking with LORC tokens via their wallet.

The staking is platform or project based.

Project staking has different interest rates and tenure of the project.

The staking is via smart contracts.

We have published our smart contracts on Etherscan and they have been audited by global IT Security firm Entersoft.

Based on the staking smart contracts the crypto investor will receive the return in their wallet at the end of the tenure,

In the event there is a default on the lending the collateral will be disposed by the SPV and the lending amount and interest will be returned as returns to crypto investors

As you see we have a complete staking process

If you go to our website you can see the entire process

Hope that helps explain


Question 4: What features are available on the # LandOrc Platform? What are the main features that are different from the others that investors should choose? How do you plan to make # LandOrc a sustainable project?

Navonil : Some of the key features on LandOrc are

  1. NFT creation of land title which is used for the process of collateral
  2. Oracles, that allow bringing data from off-chain to on-chain

Like visuals of the land, valuation

3. Governance protocols, our governance token LandGov allows the community to participate in the decision making

we have tokens for lawyers and valuers to ensure that the verify the valuation and titles before its used for collateral

4. The entire lending process is backed by a collateral, that makes it very unique in the DeFi space

5. Our operations are global so it provides access to different projects with different returns for investors from the comfort of their home

I believe all of these make the project unique and sustainable

Not sure if you and the community agree


Question 5: How LandOrc liquidity mining ensure the valuable and good investment program for investors in long run?
How LandOrc ensure the distribution for all liquidity mining investors?

Navonil : When a crypto investor stakes there is a smart contract with a fixed interest and tenure for a project and a fixed interest for platform staking.

So the investor is assured a fixed return delivered via the smart contract during the tenure of staking.

The staking rewards are delivered directly to the wallets of those staking.

Beyond the agreed staking rewards the platform will also offer bonus based on the success of the platform activities

So there are good returns for staking

The LORC tokens have high liquidity since the are listed

Its already listed on Uniswap and on our own platform

Will be listed in few centralised exchanges like Coinsbit in the next few weeks

And some other centralised exchanges

So the tokens have good returns and are liquid

We are expecting this consistent returns to also increase the value of the token based on Dividend Discount Model

Around three times or more in year 1 and growing beyond that since the returns are very consistent and the token supply limited

Hope that answers


Question for Part 3: Guests will choose 5 live questions from members and answer directly in CryptoFury Community

Question 1: I am impressed that you have wonderful partners today, partners of all kinds. Anyone just arrived? Which of your current partners provided project the most benefits, why? Another good aspect to think about is, what do you want your future partner to do?

Navonil : I agree partners are very important we have a growing set of partners — property developers, finance company, lawyers…across all the markets. We are constantly looking for new and relevant partners to grow the business. Do reach out if if any of you can add value

Question 2: If LandOrc’s target market is the state, then what can we do to be able take part in this project? and can you explain “lotteries and payments united without borders. By integrating existing infrastructure and licensing with one standard currency” what standard currency you mean?

Navonil : LandOrc’s target market are high interest countries in Asia, Africa…It allows investors anywhere to lend and get returns from these projects with the benefit of collateral based safety and transparency of blockchain

Question 3: What is the release schedule of tokens? What jurisdictions are eligible to participate in the sale? Will the sale be fairly distributed over the different membership tier levels or can we expect higher tiers to have the option to invest more?

Navonil : There is a limited pre-minted supply of tokens, just 21 million and only 60% of which is available for sale. Its available for people globally except from a few countries listed on our website that are not allowed based on their laws. Its available on first come first serve. We are currently doing the private round so there is a 20% discount available for a short period

Question 4: How can users stay updated with this project? Are there channels, including local communities where users can get the latest updates???

Navonil : LandOrc community is quite large — crypto investors, real estate developers, brokers, lawyers, valuers…we engage with the different communities via our social media channels — Telegram, Medium, Reddit, Linkedin, Facebook, Insta. Feel free to follow us on them

Question 5: Smart contracts are susceptible to failure & many DeFi projects fall victim to this; costing users money & the project discrediting. How reliable & secure is your smart contract? Have you tested it through any of the parties?

Navonil : Agree smart contracts are key in a successful DeFi project. Hence we have an experienced team developing it and also they have been audited by Entersoft, an award winning IT Security Firm from Australia. We have also published our smart contracts on Etherscan for review

All details about Landorc could be found below

🛢 Website:
🛢 Twitter:
🛢 Telegram Chat:



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